Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's been a bad week....

Harry's superhero power is never failing to make me smile.

It's been a tough week. Unexpectedly tough. All because of the weather.

I didn't realise until this week how much I have been using walking as a, coping mechanism, I guess I could call it. I try and get out for a walk with Harry every day, it's good for my physical fitness and appearance, takes a chunk out of an otherwise long day, gives me something to do, helps me think, gives me a break from my own voice as he generally sleeps and I believe it's good for him to get as much fresh air and day light as possible.

I've been doing things like walking to Tesco (30 minute walk each way) to buy dinner for that night, or even just milk. There are about 5 other shops an awful lot closer, and I could drive, but to take a good walk that gets my heart rate up, makes me feel like I'm exercising at a time when gym visits or Pilates on a regular basis is not really an option, and eats up nearly two hours once you've factored in getting Harry in and out of the pushchair, makes it the better option.

Life used to be about doing things quickly....I'll go grab dinner quickly, I'll pick up milk quickly on my way home, I'll go to the shop where I can get all five things done at once...I'm sure you're familiar with these conversations with your partners! Now, though, it's all about how can I make things take longer, how can I walk farther, make an activity out of, well, nothing really.

Time has taken on a completely new, upside down, unrecognisable form in my life. I have far less time than I would like, yet I have too much of it and am trying to find ways to fill it. Such a complete contradiction every, single day.

Walking was a way of coping, filling the time, ticking things off my to-do list, and this week the weather has been miserable and I've not been able to get out. I've had to work even harder to find things to do and ways to fill the day. I won't lie, this has consisted of quite a lot of tears and maybe one or more bags of the mixed chocolate buttons (mmm, milk and white Cadbury's buttons together in one bag...delish!!) that are on offer in Tesco. Thankfully, during my walking trips to Tesco I had foresight to stock up!

I've tried to prevent such a week happening again, and have booked us on to additional classes over the coming weeks so we have something on each day, although I know deep down this isn't the answer. Harry, of course, never fails to make me smile and kinda make it all okay. But, if you have any other ideas for filling the gap when walking isn't an option, please feel free to comment :o)

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