Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What's with all this stuff?

Facebook has just shown me a "suggested page". Obviously being a Mum now means it will be something for baby. The suggestion was for a new product that will help keep my milk safe and nutritious for Harry. Unaware and slightly panicked that my milk was unsafe and lacking in nutrients for Harry I of course visited the page.

It turns out that this new product is a stop watch that you attach to the bottle and it counts down the time that you set so you know when the milk has been out for long enough. Firstly, this is not a breast v formula blog. But, seriously!!! If you choose to give baby milk in a bottle, come on now parents, has having a baby fried your brain that much that you can no longer work out how long six hours is (or however long you keep your bottles out for). Or can you no longer set an alarm on your phone?

This product has no way of knowing if my breast milk, or yours or any formula milk is safe and nutritious. It's a product that relies on new parents' vulnerabilities and insecurities about being newbies and makes money from us at a time when we should be economising (SMP sucks, right?) and planning for a secure future for our baby. 

This isn't the only product doing this to us. It makes me sad and frustrated that parents are such a marketing person's dream. But more than that I can't help but think that it's all this stuff that makes parents feel like they're not doing enough, or not doing a good enough job and that they need all this material nonsense to help them parent. I've got no data to support this but I can't help but think it's products like this that help contribute to post natal depression and parents feeling as though they can't cope. 

Your baby is really quite simple and you have everything your baby needs; the ability to love, care, nurture and protect them. Parents, give yourself a break, save yourself the time and money on these gimmicky products and have faith that you can look after your baby in your own, just fine. 

Spend an extra two minutes with your baby rather than on buying this stuff. 

However old your baby is, in case anyone hasn't told you this today, you're doing a great job and don't you forget it! 

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