Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The kindness of people you used to know

We all have them. People who we used to know. Ex colleagues, school friends, people who we don't remember how we once knew them. People who come and go and whom you may smile at if see them in town.

I didn't expect how having Harry would place such importance on the people who I used to know. To-date, I've already made plans to see three people whom I used to know. All because of my wonderful little boy. He's rebuilt connections that have long been lost and forgotten, he's made me approachable to people once again, I have something in common with them once more and I'm humbled by the kindness of the people who I used to know. 

People who reach out and say "hey, it's okay, I've been there too". The ones who know what you're going through and the ones who like you have some time to fill in their day and open their arms and are willing to negotiate Costa with a pushchair (forget ante natal classes, that's what you need a lesson in!!) for you. 

These people may not realise it, but they are truly amazing at a time when life is somewhat unrecognisable. They give you something to look forward to, hope of a new friendship, empathy and understanding when you need it most. They'll help you negotiate small spaces and calm your baby so you can drink your tea, while others may tut and raise a judgemental eyebrow, or just not bother with you at all. 

It's fantastic to renew old friendships but sadly it highlights how some friendships you had at the time of giving birth are slowly fading away. I guess it's just the world's way of balancing things out. 

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