Friday, 16 December 2016

Pilates; good for the mind and body but not the purse!

I finally made it to a Pilates class! After planning to go since January, this class had a lot to live up to!

Seven months after storing away my gym clothes, I squeezed back into them, dusted off my trainers and off I went.

With Harry. Yep, this was a mother and baby class; what a stupid idea I was thinking the whole way there. Harry has cried his way through every baby massage group and I have hated all but one baby group. Disaster awaits.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Greeted by the lovely Helen, who knew my name and told me all the stuff you worry about like where to do the nappy change and whether you can leave the nappy there or not, I felt instantly at ease. Helen asked another mum to look after me (remember when you were the new kid at a school or something similar, yep, like that) and took my coffee order for the end of the session. Marvellous.

Harry was a dream and slept the whole time, but for the wakers there was plenty to keep them occupied. Plus, Helen, who has a magic ability to remember everyone's name, attends to them as well.

Feeling on a real high from doing a moderate workout, I then took a brisk walk into town and with the endorphins flowing, I made the mistake of finding myself at the Bare Minerals counter...I was the sales girl's dream. The high of the workout combined with Harry needing a feed basically meant I said yes to everything.

If you're having a tough day, have confidence that there will be a class you enjoy, there are people out there who understand your anxieties and one day you will make it to that class, but it's okay to just have a duvet day today.

As for me, I'm just hoping that the new year and new Pilates term will mean my waist is as slim as my bank account.

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