Friday, 16 December 2016

Hi. My name is Sophie.

I did the unthinkable. I was at a baby group and I initiated a conversation. With another human being that isn't Harry. The conversation went along the lines of:

Me: sorry, but I really recognise you...(why oh why do I start a conversation with sorry?!) 

Me and other human being (OHB): exchange various questions on our children, participation in baby groups, ante natal classes, GP Surgery. This goes on for a while before...

OHB: what's your name? 

Me: (uncomfortable pause) it's Sophie, erm, (pause while I remember surname). 

We then discovered we had worked together a few years ago and proceeded to have a very enjoyable non-baby related conversation. 

It occurred to me that prior to having a baby asking someone's name is one of the first things you do; post-baby it drops right to the bottom of the list. Everything becomes about the baby, which makes sense as they are your world and the one obiovus thing you have in common. 

You drop down on your own priority list so it's only natural that you're not high on anyone else's.

So accustomed to booking things in Harry's name, responding to his name for appointments, and being referred to as Mummy it felt unfamiliar to just say my name. I am Harry's Mummy. I am his world and he mine. But, also, I am Sophie. 

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