Friday, 16 December 2016

Baby's magical first Christmas...

There's nothing like the word "magical" to add just a bit more pressure to a new Mum. As if worrying about feeding, weight gain, sleep routines and whether baby is "good" (please, everyone, stop asking parents if their baby is good - a baby simply cannot be bad), strangers are telling you that this first Christmas will be so "magical".

I must admit to being somewhat of a hypocrite, I'm not religious and I don't celebrate Christmas in a Christian way. I, like many others, spend a frantic December buying gifts, finding gifts hidden that I bought in July in a moment of organised madness, and then wishing I'd gone for gift cards after wrapping the first one. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are carefully negotiated between numerous families (ah, the magic of divorces, step children and elderly relatives), too much food is consumed and before you know it you're magically back at work. Okay, maybe not this year!! 

Every day with Harry has a touch of magic; a gorgeous smile, a new sound, seeing his arms and neck get stronger during tummy time, his cries stopping as soon as he's in my arms and the magic touch of a walk when he's fighting sleep.

So what will be different on Christmas Day? Honestly, it will be probably be a tad more hard work than normal. Being able to share in the magic of watching my step-children and nieces and nephews open their presents, catch Scott's eye as he sees his childrens' faces light up, while managing Harry's demands, calming any tears, not getting poo all over the kids' new PJs and finding something to wear that looks nice and I can breastfeed in it's certainly not going to be that magical. It will be wonderfully chaotic. 

Then will come Christmas lunch...Harry has an uncanny ability to need me just as I'm about to eat, there are limited places to put him down comfortably, loving nieces and nephews who don't yet understand personal space. There's the dog. The new toys that Harry will need to be kept safe from and the noise levels while he's trying to sleep.

I'm sounding like a bit of a Scrooge, which is not my intention and I'll love the whole festive season with our families. It will be busy, hectic, logistically challenging and just as Christmas should be. I just don't understand how one makes it "magical" for Harry. Or for me? We're not buying him any gifts; he has everything he needs and is more interested in grabbing my hair than opening a beautifully wrapped present. He won't have any comprehension of what is going on, or why, he will likely be overwhelmed by the noise and overjoyed at seeing his beloved grandparents so much.

Harry Potter is magical. My first Christmas with Harry might not quite be like dinner in The Great Hall, but I'm okay with that; well-meaning strangers please take note! Every day with Harry is magical - I don't need the calendar to read 25.12 to make it so xx

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