Friday, 2 December 2016

Baby group; better, but pass the ruby slippers just in case!

If you've read my previous blog entries you'll know that I'm an introvert, I love tea, dislike chit chat and find baby groups pretty miserable. You'll also know that I'm a bit bored. That's what landed me in a cute village hall at 3pm on a brrrrr cold Thursday afternoon doing the usual introductions (to Harry that is, I'm just his chaperone). 

I have to say though the welcome seemed genuinely warm and the lovely lady taking the Baby Sensory

class (so sorry I can't remember your name!) explained the structure (points for that!) and that it was okay to feed, change, where the nappy bin was etc. Details that a newbie needs to know and clearly showed that thought and empathy had gone into the introduction. 

I had chosen my free trial on "weather week" and I can honestly say it had the warmth of a summer's day, the magic of a rainbow and the guilty pleasure of hearing rain drops beat down. We did sing and sign songs and Harry was captivated. He looked at me as though I was the only, and best thing in the world. The duration of each activity seemed perfect for him and gave me lots of chances to cuddle kiss and praise him for being so wonderful. 

Harry got to see bubbles for the first time and my heart melted; one popped on his nose and I just regret that I couldn't photograph the moment for Scott to see. The rain cloud, the rainbow and the goodbye songs were beautiful and Harry smiled the whole time. 

Conversation with the other mums was a bit easier than at other groups, but I can't pretend that it was comfortable and that I didn't wish I had some ruby slippers to get me back home. It's hard, just talking about your baby and hoping/wondering/dreading whether that person will become a friend. 

One minute you're at work, being pretty okay at what you do, communicating with adults about a variety of things, things you have years of experience in, talking about their families as if you've known them forever, sharing a love of those little sachets of coffees and debating whether it's a pizza or salad kinda day for lunch (pizza. always). 

The next, well, you're making moon signs with your hands and staring at your baby talking to them to avoid eye contact with anyone else. 

However, I have to say, the class leader kept checking on me and Harry and made me feel welcomed. 

In contrast to my other baby group experiences I came home feeling buoyant and optimistic that Harry and I could gain something from this group. It was satisfying to learn something new. Even if it was the sign for moon and thunder. 

I can only assume that the class leader was schooled at Hogwarts and put a baby group spell on me. 

Needless to say this bored mummy has something to do on a Thursday now. Although, a cuppa and a biscuit wouldn't go a miss 😉

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