Monday, 5 September 2016

Maternity Leave Day Six: Said Yes to the Dress!

Continuing with the time and energy that I have for wedding planning since starting maternity leave, we went bridesmaid shopping on Saturday and I am so relieved that we didn't go for the dress we saw on Tuesday. We've chosen a gorgeous dress in the most perfect colour "pantone turquoise", which I can't wait to see against the backdrop of the beach and sea during the ceremony.

While my bridesmaid was trying on dresses, I found myself browsing the sale rail and then found myself eyeing two dresses again and again. The wonderful Julia at Ann's Bridal Room asked whether I'd like to try them on....being 38 + 4 weeks pregnant it wasn't really part of the plan to start dress shopping. I'd tried very early on and just felt fat, so I'd given up and accepted that there would be some mad rush when I was an emotional, sleep deprived, boob leaking new mum mess.

Encouraged by Julia, off we went to try on dress number one. It felt amazing and you couldn't really tell I was pregnant (if you looked face on that is!). Dress number two then went on and cue emotional, face fanning moment and the realisation that "I'm getting married".

Remembering that we still had the shortlist of bridesmaid dresses to choose from, we tried the final two with "my dress" and quickly reached a decision. Things were getting real!! Called my Mum and told her that I think I've found the dress; cue panic about when we could get another appointment before baby arrived!

Monday morning came around, and thankfully no baby! Heading into the bridal room, I was so excited to show my Mum "my dress". I think it's fair to say I had decided, and then the gasps of my Mum and two friends as I stepped onto the cute little podium sealed the deal. 38 + 6 days pregnant and here I was buying a wedding dress! So much for everyone telling me all I'd want/be able to do was eat biscuits and watch TV.

I had a wonderful experience today of dress shopping with my Mum and close friends, obligatory celebratory tea and cake (not long now until champagne is back on the menu!) followed by a nap when I got home.

I feel so pleased with my decision to take maternity leave when I did; Thursday and Friday were odd days and I must admit I was tempted to start working today. Obviously I would have got a dress at some point, but everything feels like it's fallen into place with this one; the bridesmaid dress trip last week prompted the appointment on Saturday, the dress being in the sale at a great price, the moment of knowing I'd found the one and a wonderful experience today. None of which would have been possible if I was still at work, and guess what, work has carried on without me and I wouldn't have felt the pure joy that I do right now if I had just dealt with some emails and sorted other people's problems for them.

Maternity leave is okay after all.

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