Friday, 2 September 2016

Maternity Leave Day Three; 15,000 steps

Maternity leave day three has been a little more like what I was expecting/worried about. After taking George and Grace to their Mum, I realised I didn't know what else to do for the day. All those times at work or stuck on the M25 wishing for a day off and here I was not knowing what to do with it!

I walked to see my parents who were about to set off on their first ramble! They've gone and bought all the gear and today was the day to try it out. This provided a good hour of entertainment and laughs as they showed me everything they've bought, but mostly because my Dad has hilarious chicken legs and in general is just very funny!

I then did a brisk maternity-power-walk-shuffle back home and was very pleased with myself to finally sell my old iPhone (it's been on the to-do list for two months!). This also meant another walk to the post office. Needing to kill a bit more time until, well, the end of the day, I went to Tesco and spent far longer than was necessary choosing a new house plant. I suspect it won't last as long as it took to choose it unfortunately.

Remembering what everyone has told me about maternity leave and the need to relax, put my feet up, watch TV, chill out etc. I thought I'd give it a go! Two episodes of Come Dine With Me and Countdown and I think it's fair to say I was bored of 'relaxing'. I actually find sitting on the sofa the very opposite of relaxing and found myself feeling very frustrated and unproductive.

As a result, the jewellery stands that have been on the landing for a few weeks now have been sorted and tidied away, there's a new bag of charity items in the dining room and we can finally open our bedroom door wide enough that me and bump don't struggle to get past as I've sorted the coats out!

I then indulged in a phone call with a good friend from work and got my fix of work updates! It was a very strnsgr call for me as I shared all the same frustrations and annoyances as my friend, yet it felt as though I was sharing them from a distance or like I was a little numb to it. Ideas for solutions to problems swam around my mind but disappeared as soon as we ended the call. The urge to speak to my team to find out what their plans were for sorting things out vanished pretty quickly too.

Eventually Scott came home and we went for our usual evening walk, stopping off to say hi to George and Grace and then meeting my parents at the pub for what ended up being a very enjoyable evening. The frustrations and not knowing what to do with myself already seemed a long time ago.

While I found myself at a loss many times today, it has been a success in that I reached 15,000 steps for the first time since getting my Fit Bit (the last 100 or so were completed while pacing the bedroom before bed in refusal to stop at 14,838!). It's certainly made me think how unhealthy working is! I'd normally do about 2000 steps in a typical day at work and I'd done 3000 before 9am today. I feel energised and good for doing over 90 minutes of active walking. How long can I keep this up for? Will it be the same when baby arrives?

At the end of day three of maternity leave I'm still a bit unsure as to how I want to be spending my time and have mixed feelings about how long I'd like before baby arrives. Will aim to spend day four enjoying the novelty of not having to be anywhere or do anything and see if I can at least do 10,000 steps!

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