Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Maternity Leave Day Two: Fruit People and Vegetable Trains

After the success of yesterday, I woke with a slight concern that it was a fluke and that today would be a maternity leave disaster.

Grace arrived (expected today, no surprise babysitting duties for me), saw George who was excited about his second day at school (hurrah!) and enjoyed a lovely relaxed breakfast. Normally, when I take annual leave to look after George and Grace I find myself hooked to my work phone and "just replying to one more email". Not today though; just me, Grace our crumpets and chatter about what to do. Plans for visiting a pick your own farm were dismissed when we realised strawberries weren't in season and the thought of picking courgettes and onions didn't really appeal to either of us.

We enjoyed a walk to the local shops, purchased overpriced bird food (oh doesn't it feel good to support local businesses though..) and a basketful of fruit and veg from the greengrocers. This was balanced out by a bargain charity shop purchase...I've had my eye on a Peter Rabbit baby's first year memory book but at £14.99 I wasn't convinced it was really worth it and Scott, who 'doesn't get' Peter Rabbit most definitely wasn't. Imagine my delight at finding a copy in pristine condition for 50p! Yes, 50p rather than £14.99! I was so happy I even celebrated and splashed out £1 on a Mini Mozart DVD thing so that Scott can start early with turning our child into some musical genius.

Walking home feeling quite smug and checking my Fit Bit to see that I'd reached over 3000 steps before 11am and then feeling even more smug I was beginning to relax and let myself believe that maternity leave was going to be okay.

Grace and I then set about starting her summer holiday activity book, which basically involved Grace cutting out photos that we've paid a fortune to get developed into bizarre shapes, sticking them quite badly (she doesn't glue close enough to the edges) into a book and then writing about 4 words to justify us calling it a 'diary'. Was quite good fun though and again really lovely to just concentrate on that and not emails. Although, I must admit I did spend a fair bit of time on whatsapp discussing bridesmaid dresses, sweet jars and paper bags (amount eventually purchased: 100). Smugness levels went down slightly when I noticed myself looking at my phone for not the first time.

However, smugness levels were restored when we then set about the task of making a fruit/vegetable train. Grace chopped and stabbed things to her heart's content and I was the proud creator of the 'conductor' with the raspberry hat. I'll let the images do the rest of the talking....

What's even more impressive is that all the fruit and veg (including the 27 fruit kebabs not pictured) was actually eaten!

So you may be reading this anticipating some disaster, instead I can confirm:

30 minute walk - tick!
Local businesses supported - tick!
Charity shopping - tick!
Birds fed - tick!
Homework done - tick!
Healthy eating activity - tick!
5 a day consumed - tick!

Somehow, I'm writing this and it's still only 8:30pm; I've hoovered, jumped up and down and paced around the house for 10 minutes to get my Fit Bit to register '30 active minutes' so that I get the little firework celebration thing, had a nap, emptied and reloaded the dishwasher multiple times, discussed George's day at school (new friend count = 6!), wasted quite a lot of time looking at wedding things, tidied up and generally been quite a nice, efficient person to be around! Who knew you could fit so much into a day when you don't spend it glued to emails and phone calls.

Day two maternity leave - done!

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