Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Let the maternity leave commence!

Since finding out I was pregnant with my first baby 240 days ago, I have been meaning to add another blog to the already somewhat overcrowded mummy blogging community. Not because I think I have any answers or insights that other people should take note of, but because I enjoy writing; that's all there is to it.

I've added a few HR blogs over the years to my sophiehaylockHR blog, but like with most things life takes over, the task of the actual day job takes over, and the blog never really took off. Every time I added an entry though, I found it immensely satisfying.

So, 240 days later, I have started maternity leave and in an attempt to not log back on and finish those final few tasks that never quite got done, I've set up Just Another Mummy Blog.

I approached maternity leave day one with a mixture of excitement and trepidation; I love my job as an HR Manager and don't do 'relaxing' or 'taking it easy' very well, but even I had to admit I was getting a bit tired and looking forward to the novelty of maybe not doing very much at all for a few days. I was hoping that baby would let me have at least a few days to experience what doing nothing, or maybe even doing exactly what I wanted (apart from working) would feel like.

Plans were made to get a wax (two weeks exactly before due date - hoping that things will stay tidy but also have wonderful beautician on standby if I go past due date and need a quick tidy up!) and then meet my best friend who by chance is unemployed at the moment, for bridesmaid dress shopping and lunch.

Marvelling at the time when I finally opened my eyes....8am (such a novelty, 8am on a Tuesday morning and not so much as an email opened) I decided to indulge in a bit of pregnancy Pilates. I found a DVD a few months back when I finally admitted defeat and accepted I would never make it to an actual class and have been pleased to see that there are still some abs in place under the bump. Before I'd got as far as pressing play, there was a knock on the door; cue panicked waddle upstairs to find a dressing gown that still provides adequate cover.

Standing on the doorstep, and then very suddenly in my hallway, was my 9 year old step-daughter Grace. Before I knew what was happening her Mum was telling me what time she'd be picking her up and it was all goodbyes and have a good days.

Slightly stunned I ran to the bathroom to call to my partner, Scott, in a hushed voice, to find out if he had any idea why I was now babysitting on my first day of maternity leave. No information was gleamed from this conversation other than we both had no idea what was happening and that the 'Kids Calendar' had obviously suffered some malfunction.

So, Grace tagged along, iPad in hand to the beauticians, asking every few seconds how long until we were going dress shopping.

When we arrived at David's Bridal , part of me was quite pleased that Grace's Mum had completely got the wrong day/babysitter as Grace exclaimed "it's like princess heaven in there" and started to bounce up and down outside the shop. Once inside, the three of us had a lovely time; trying on tiaras and oohing and aaaahing at just about every dress Grace looked at.

I think, that we may have also found 'the one' when it comes to the bridesmaid dress. I say I 'think' because it's only the second trip looking for a dress and the only one that has been a contender. I think I'm nervous to just go for it, but know that I need to make a decision fairly soon as the wedding is in 271 days and I have to have a baby and also find myself something to wear as well as organise just about everything else in that time. My ever-so-patient friend has agreed to an appointment on Saturday morning to try 'just one more place' then it's decision making time!

After dress shopping we had a lovely lunch and then I took Grace to her Mum's, to be greeted by much apology and a bunch of flowers. Better than the apology and the roses though, was the news that my 11 year old step-son George, had thoroughly enjoyed his summer activity/taster day at his new school. It's been a bit of a trauma as none of his friends from junior school are going to the same secondary school, but, he loved it and made 5 (yes, 5!) friends.

Arriving home at around 4pm I then busied myself with booking a holiday for next year (352 days to prepare for that...) and spent a delightful few hours looking at wedding things. Since getting engaged 241 days ago (yep, that's day before finding out we were pregnant, you couldn't make this up!) I've not really found the time to indulge in engaged-bride-to-be-bliss. I've been busy, I've been pregnant, I've been cold-blooded efficient when it has come to arranging things. Today though, it was just me and nothing else to do so I let myself get sucked into the world of cakes, sashes, cake stalls, was really quite lovely.

When Scott came home we went for our usual walk (usual since about 50 days ago when I bought a Fit Bit anyway) and as I sink into the sofa with a cup of tea, my laptop open without a hint of work being done, I feel nothing but contentment.

Having Grace for the day, not doing my Pilates, not being able to catch up properly with my best friend over lunch - none of it is even irritating me.

Maybe maternity leave suits me....

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